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A Faster, Easier, 3 Step House Selling Process

Yes, You Can Sell Your House Fast!

Wanting to sell your home amidst crucial times can be somewhat difficult. It can be overwhelming to deal with job loss, financial problems, costly repairs, or you may not be able find the right buyer when you need one..

At Kevin Buy Houses, we buy your house and incur all the losses allowing you to walk away without any responsibilities whatsoever. Selling your house in emergency circumstances can be stressful. We are committed to easing up that tough circumstance by buying your house in as-is conditions, this invariably means that you don’t have to fix anything or even clear the cobwebs; you can quickly sell your house as it is, and you can sell it fast.

We buy houses in Texas, we are your No. 1 go-to house buying company. We helped a host of other homeowners get out of their crucial circumstances. In just three easy steps, you can have your house sold and we won’t waste your time.

What are these steps? 


Consultation/First meeting

We understand that every homeowner has a different set of circumstances. When you reach out to us, our local property specialist will come over for a quick consultation and take a quick look at your house. We will be evaluating aspects like your location, neighborhood, market conditions, etc. Often times, our specialist is ready to make you an offer in the first meeting. 



The offer can be made in the first meeting, or can be discussed in our second meeting, if needed. We don’t waver in our cash offer as we are a reputable house buying company. In this offer stage, we will explain all the benefits to you. Our consultation comes at no charge at all; plus, we handle all of the closing costs. Additionally, you aren’t under any obligation to accept our offer, but we doubt that you’d refuse, as we are known to make the best win-win deals.


Closing the deal

Once you accept our offer, you won’t be liable to any foreclosures or any repairs or losses as we will handle all of those. You get to walk away with your cash bearing no responsibility whatsoever. Lots of homeowners in Texas have been relieved off their immediate circumstantial difficulties because we understand that selling your house on short notice is sometimes necessary.

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We are a reliable house buying company in Texas, and we wish to add you to our list of happy customers. Do you want to sell your house?

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Get Your Fair Cash Offer in 7 Minutes!

Call us: (210)-404-4545

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