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At Kevin Buy Houses, we understand that homeowners tend to have questions when they are looking to sell their houses. As a reputable, we buy houses company, we are experienced at providing responses to homeowners questions in precise details. Below are questions commonly asked by homeowners who are looking to sell their house.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Will my house be listed on the MLS, or will it be bought immediately?

At Kevin Buy Houses, we are investors that buy houses immediately and directly, however, if you’re looking to list your house, we can do that for you. Keep in mind, we buy houses in Texas that are aligned with our buying criteria.


Q: What are the criteria that determine the price of my house?

Well, since we are both looking to make a profit, our cash offer is contingent on specific criteria. These criteria include – the location/neighborhood, the condition of the house and the repairs we will be making. We also consider the value of neighboring houses in the area. After considering all factors, we will come up with a cash price that benefits both of us.


Q: Do you charge any fees for a consultation?

No, we do not charge any fees for consultation. There are also no hidden fees. We operate quite simply. Our process is straight-forward, we make you an offer, and if you accept it, we’ll buy your house. Our money is made when we resell your house. You should also bear in mind that we will be incurring all the risks as well. After we’ve bought the house from you, we take the burden, and you walk carrying no responsibility.


Q: Can I list it with a real estate agent?

While you retain the right to choose how your house is sold, you should note that the average time to sell/list a house in the real estate market spans around 3 – 12 months. With real estate agents, you are likely to pay commissions. Most times, the commission is 3%-6% of the sales price. Agents provide a great service if you have the patience to wait for 3-12 months. As a we buy houses company, we don’t list properties as we are the house buyers. We pay all the cash while taking the risks as well. Since we buy ugly houses, we’ll fix it up and do the marketing, which is one of the hard parts of real estate.


Q: Am I obligated to sell my house when I submit my information?

No, you are under no obligation. The process is simple. Once you reach out to us about your property, we’ll come to check it out, and if it fits our criteria, we’ll make you an offer. At this point, it becomes entirely your decision to sell it or not. We won’t hassle or pressure you in any way.



Get Your Fair Cash Offer in 7 Minutes!

Call us: (210)-404-4545

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