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For over a decade, we have been diligently serving homeowners in Texas, as we’ve been the go-to we buy house company, and we haven’t faltered in rendering our topnotch services. We are committed to always improving our services to serve our clients and customers better. There are several reasons why we will make a good fit. Do you want to find out? Well, read on-

We purchase your house as-is

Yes, your home might be in need of some significant repairs/improvements and may not look attractive. Well, we are investors who look for ugly houses. So, you don’t need to be bothered with those repairs. We’ll purchase your house as-is. We send over our specialists to gather the details and make you an offer. If you accept our offer, then we set to close.

Avoid contingency clauses

Nothing hurts more than a house-buying company going back on their agreement. Some house buying companies tend to leverage back-out clauses to protect themselves in case the deal doesn’t go as planned. House buying companies use contingency clauses like –

  • Offer is only valid if the home is sold within three months
  • Offer is valid as long as the inspection goes well
  • Offer is only valid if the mortgage lender comes through

Real estate agents and investors often leverage contingency clauses to stay safe. However, Kevin Buys House don’t back out! We have a strong reputation to uphold. Once we’ve made a cash offer, it’s your choice to accept or decline. Only you have the right to pull out or complete the deal.

Immediate financing

Most home sales can take forever, as banks tend to get involved. Even if you’re looking to borrow money, you may have to jump through some hoops and most often, they aren’t very considerate of your time.

However, we are used to closing house buying deals fast as we don’t have to involve a lender since we are the ones purchasing your house. This saves you loads of time, stress and paperwork.

Less legwork

Since we are a house buying company, we come to you. You don’t have to worry with all the legwork that comes with listing your home for sale. This saves you loads of work as you don’t have to bother with the marketing or making your home “presentable to sell”.  As direct buyers, we take care of the time-consuming tasks and duties by making you an immediate cash offer.

Avoid scam dealers

Yes, there are many cash-for-house companies around. So, of course, there are also some shady dealers in the cash-for-house space. Shady businesses can easily walk away with your equity. This is an important reason you should sell to us as we are a known company in Texas. We have a ten-year reputation to protect and we wouldn’t risk that stellar reputation by being involved in shady deals.

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Get Your Fair Cash Offer in 7 Minutes!

Call us: (210)-404-4545

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